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3.3. National Identification Card - Production and Distribution.

3.3.1. The MIDIS System.
The Multiple Identification Document Issuing System (MIDIS) is the system used for scanning of images of photographs and signatures of electors into the system from the Master Registration Cards (MRC) to complement the textual details encoded in the production of national identification (ID) cards with photographs. This system was purchased from De La Rue identity systems and used for production of ID cards for the 1997 general and regional elections. For the 2001 elections, an upgraded MIDIS system with new hardware and software was purchased for the production of national ID cards.

3.3.2. The Production Process.
GECOM maintains the MRDB which contains the details of persons processed in the registration exercises of 1996 - 2001. A frozen extract taken from the MRDB is used as the basis for the provision textual data for national ID cards. In the case of the 2001 elections, the frozen extract was, in fact, the RVL. An image was scanned from each record and then automatically printed on security teslin basestock after which the teslin sheets were laminated and die-punched to produce the finished national ID card.

3.3.3. The Database Transfer.
In the case of the 2001 elections, the source data for production of the national ID card was derived from the RVL. The ISD developed an application called FVL Import Transfer system (FITS), which provided the means for transferring data onto the MIDIS system. Data was loaded into the application's (FITS) database from the RVL and then installed on the MIDIS server. FITS allowed the Operator to enter the Division Number for the batch of MRCs to be image captured. The process then allowed the records for that division to be transferred into the MIDIS system.

3.3.4. Distribution.
Distribution schedules for distribution of national ID cards are prepared prior to distribution. In the case of the 2001 general and regional elections distribution commenced in the hinterland districts (regions) followed by those on the coastland. The distribution exercise was conducted by staff recruited from among personnel who were trained in the respective Districts.

3.3.5. Management of the Distribution Process - Security.
The Returning Officer in each district is responsible for ensuring the safe custody of the National Identification Card once they are issued to the respective Districts. GECOM's security Department make arrangements with the Guyana Police Force for security personnel to accompany the cards to the office of the Returning Officers in their respective Districts. Upon receipt of the ID cards by the Returning Officers, they are packed in canisters and padlocked by the Returning Officers or their Representatives at the Centre. In the Districts, Returning Officers make arrangements with Police Stations for the canisters to be stored in special strong boxes provided by the Commission. Consequently, distribution teams are required to uplift the canisters with the cards and re-lodge them after distribution on a daily basis. Deputy Returning Officers are required to monitor the distribution exercise and report the total number of cards distributed on a daily basis to the Returning Officer who in turn communicate the totals by radio or telephone to the Logistics Department of GECOM.



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