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3.5. Logistics and Communication.

3.5.1. The Communication Plan
The overall communication plan include procurement and allocation of equipemnt and training sessions for personnel to be involved in their use. The plan aim to ensure the following:-

Quick and easy communication is available at all times from Centre to Districts and vice versa; District to Sub-Districts and vice versa; and from Sub-Districts to Divisions as far as practicable.

Reporting of preliminary results is done in the fastest possible time.

The successful execution of the communication plan is hinged on the establishment of a communication network utilising HF & VHF redios and telephones

3.5.6. The Logistics Plan - Including Distribution
The overall Logistics plan is to ensure that the correct quantity of material/stores is delivered at the right place (District), at the time, with adequate security arrangements to ensure a smooth electoral process. This involves the acquisition of containers for the shipping of ballot boxes and other materials of a sensitive nature and the mobilisation of transportation facilities for their movement to the various districts. In its efforts to achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, the Secretariat consults with the representatives of different modes of transportation systems throughout the country.


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