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3.6 Recruitment and Training of Polling Day Staff.

The Training Unit of the Guyana Elections Commission focuses on enhancing Human Resource capacity within its institutional framework and constitutional provisions governing its operations. the primary objective of training is to enable participants to perform more efficiently not only in technical areas of registration and electoral processes, but in all aspects of management including interpersonal skills. The need for training and support for electoral managers and workers is probably far greater in Guyana than in more developed and better resourced systems as the cost to the system of election administration by trial and error can be considerable. With the system for the election process in place, a strategy for technical training has been developed and the relevant structures established. In this context, technical training at GECOM cannot be treated as a one-off exercise. In fact, some aspects of technical training are continuous especially in the training of election managers.

3.6.1. Notification and Application.
Information on the need for Polling Day Staff is made public by way of newspaper advertisements for persons to be trained for specific positions. Application forms are made available at the National Registration Centre and at all offices of the Registrars in the ten electoral Districts where they are also received for processing.

3.6.2. Training of Staff.
In the case of the 2001 General and Regional Elections, the "Cascade Model" as described below was used for training of Polling Day Officials.

Attach Organogram of Polling Station Staff

Trainers were deployed throughout all the Districts. They had to produce their own lesson plans and training aids, mostly in poster form. In the case of the 2001 National and Regional Elections, a Standing Committee which met once every week was established under the aegis of GECOM's Chairman to monitor training activities. The Training Officer who was a member of the Standing Committee was assigned the responsibility to complete the training manuals for Returning Officers and their staff and for Presiding Officers and Polling Day Staff. In addition, video films demonstrating all the requisite procedures with their respective functions with regards to Returning Officers and Polling Day Staff in general. The films were featured during regular training sessions as well as during the Voter Outreach Programme.

3.6.4. Criteria for Appointment of Staff.
After applications are received, applicants are invited to attend training sessions and subsequent evaluation. Proposals for appointment are made based on evaluation score, competence, reliability and experience.


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