Verification of Registrants


Given Under


(Cap. 19:08)

The Commissioner of Registration, in fulfilment of the decision of the Commission made in accordance with the proviso to section 6(6A) of the National Registration Act, Cap 19:08, as amended by Act 14 of 2005, requires all persons whose names are listed in the Schedule to this notice to be verified. These persons must furnish in person at any Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Registration Office most convenient to them and serving the area in which they live, the following –

  1. a Guyana issued birth certificate or certificate of registration of a foreign birth or a valid Guyana Passport; AND
  2. any other supporting documents which may be requested by the registration officer to whom you present the documents.

By fulfilling this requirement of the Commission on or before 2nd December, 2019 you will be ensuring that your name is included on the final list of electors for the next General and Regional elections.

Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in your name appearing in a special section of the Official List of Electors (OLE) on Elections Day.

You must note however, that your registration record in the National Register of Registrants (NRR) shall not be cancelled.

Persons included in the attached Schedule came to the attention of the Commission because identification cards issued in their names remain uncollected from GECOM Registration Offices. Previous efforts to locate these persons at their stated address in the Registration Division failed. As a consequence, their address is in doubt.

Dated this 8th day of November, 2019.


Click on Download to view the list of IDs by Registration Area

District Office
1 Mabaruma Registration Office  Download
1 Moruca Registration Office  Download
1 Port Kaituma Registration Sub-Office  Download
2 Charity Registration Office  Download
2 Anna Regina Registration Office  Download
3 Pouderoyen Registration Office  Download
3 Parika Registration Office  Download
3 La Grange Registration Office  Download
4 Coldingen Registration Office  Download
4 Better Hope Sub-Registration Office  Download
4 North Georgetown Registration Office  Download
4 North Georgetown Registration Sub-Office  Download
4 South Georgetown Registration Office  Download
4 South Georgetown Registration Sub-Office  Download
4 Diamond Registration Office  Download
4 Soesdyke Registration Sub-office  Download
5 Fort Wellington Registration Office  Download
5 Mahaicony Registration Office  Download
6 New Amsterdam Registration Office  Download
6 Whim Registration Office  Download
6 Corriverton Registration Office  Download
7 Bartica Registration Office  Download
7 Kamarang Registration Office  Download
8 Mahdia Registration Office  Download
8 Paramakatoi Registration Office  Download
9 Lethem Registration Office  Download
9 Annai Registration Office  Download
10 Mackenzie Registration Office  Download
10 Wismar Registration Office  Download